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Leadgeneration Software

Leadopogo Telegram Leadgenerator is customizable messaging and worldwide Leads generating Software for driving growth, increasing sales and onboarding new users. Grow faster with powerful Leads and automatic messages.

Leads categorization

  • Name

  • Country

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Email

  • Phone Number


Process is simple. Just input desired keyword in a form of hashtag and start searching with our Leadopogo Software. In another phase connect generated Leads with WhatsApp and start

automatic messaging.



Marketing Service

Depending on your target audience, Telegram messaging marketing on Telegram Application can be a productive method to promote your business, as it have millions of active Telegram users around the globe.

The quality content on a Telegram channel is the first point that attracts the attention of the members. 



  • Grow your outreach

  • Boost sales

  • Help customers explore your service through our Telegram messages and ads